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...a euphoric exprience


YES, you read it correctly, EYEBROW EXTENSIONS!  

Eyebrows are all the buzz, and they’re trending toward wider, thicker, bushier and bolder with a slight, non-overbearing arch. Overly plucked, thin brows are out of style no matter the face shape. We love this look, because full brows are easier to maintain and help enhance your youthful, fresh appearance, especially when you brush them up!

If your eyebrows are on the skimpy side the first order of business is to grow them out. However, if you can't wait months for your brows to go through the normal lifecycle process then GlamBROW Eyebrow Extensions couldn't be more perfect for you. This new and exciting process takes between 30-60 minutes. We increase depth, volume and demension with this revolutionary technique.  

GlamBROW Eyebrow extensions are done by attaching tiny individual hairs to the existing brows with skin safe surgical adhesive. They are waterproof and can last up to 14 days with proper maintenance and refills every 7-10 days.  Client must already have eyebrows shaped (waxed or threaded) before eyebrow extensions can be applied.  For best results, for aftercare avoid wetting your eyebrow extensions for at least 24 hrs, avoid oils, creams, steam, rubbing, picking and pulling the eyebrow area.

Accompany your beautiful luxurious lashes with full, bold eyebrows to perfectly frame the "windows to your soul".


GlamBROW Extensions - starting at $40